Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Year After... an Update on Christina...

We have all been hoping and praying Christina would make a full recovery. And, if you look at her physically standing before you today, you would think she has. A true miracle! And as her mom, I am so grateful for the progress she has made. However, most likely through all the surgeries and pain meds, a serious condition has developed. And, although there may not be a direct correlation between the two, these are two of the reasons why this condition can develop.

Christina has been hospitalized three times in the last 2 months because she has not been able to keep food down. She has lost a lot of weight and it has been a scary time for her. Today, as I write this, she is in the hospital, likely to be released because a diagnosis has been confirmed for her condition, and there is no cure. The docs are telling her it is a lifelong condition which she will have to learn to 'live with.' And, for brevity, I will simply copy below the post I made on Facebook this morning to friends and family...

Facebook Post Sept 14, 2010: "as an update... my daughter (christina) was confirmed with a diagnosis of gastroparesis... hopefully i spelled that right. it means her stomach muscles don't work well and food moves slowly through her stomach. there is no known cure. it could be brought on for a variety of reasons -- nerve damage -- injury to a main nerve associated with the stomach (i forget the name) during surgery -- she's had a few from her accident last year. or, it could be a result of taking pain medication -- which she was on pain meds for several months while her pelvis was healing and she was learning to walk.

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interestingly, one of the meds they prescribed only b/c it has side effects in building appetite is an anti-depressant -- and there are potentially severe side effects using any drugs to treat this condition and she will have to try eating only certain foods and tiny meals. MJ is a natural remedy and i am super curious if it could help my daughter. she is NOT someone that uses MJ at all recreationally or otherwise, but medicine is medicine and if it works without the side effects of these other drugs, that would be really great. poor thing. sometimes her stomach doesn't work right and pushes food before it even starts to digest out (up her esophagus). it's not the 'throwing up' we're all familiar with... but that is basically what is happening. please pray my daughter's tummy heals itself or alternative (natural) meds are available and can help her have a more comfortable life. thanks so much for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers."

END - Facebook Post by Genuine Love.

In general, Christina is back to doing most of the things she once loved and is also pursuing her love of art with an ever increasing passion. She counts herself fortunate to have a beautiful son in her life who has been her true motivation in healing during her recovery.

Your continued prayers and positive thoughts are still needed... and very much appreciated! Thank you so much.

Much love,
Gen (Christina's Mom)


Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Latest Update...

Christina had a successful surgery in February. This was the 'big' surgery to remove all the metal in her pelvis put there to stabilize the area while her bones healed. Dr. Munro said Christina's case is 'the best I've seen.' He said based on the extent of her injuries and how well she's recovered, he just hasn't seen anyone looking as good as her. Her prognosis, given that half of her sacrum was crushed in the accident, is not known at this time for sure. If her bones regenerate in the crushed area, she may have a pretty normal life following this whole ordeal. However, if her bones do not, she will have bones (in that area) similar to a 60 year old's body. And, she will likely have arthritis the rest of her life.

As she continues to recover, it is difficult for her to sit or stand for long periods and this interferes with her ability to hold a job. Maintaining her independence in every other way, Christina is happily raising her son, and continuing with school. She earned her A.A. degree this spring 2010, and has plans to continue on for a Bachelor's degree and then a Master's Degree in Art Therapy.

Thank you and blessings to everyone for the continued prayers. I know for a fact it is the love, positive thoughts, and prayers by everyone that have meant so much in Christina's recovery and provided all the miracles along the way to give her such a great progress report! Please continue to keep Christina in your prayers.

Kind regards,

Gen (Christina's grateful mom)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Prayers and Kind Thoughts Needed...

Christina is undergoing surgery tomorrow, Feb 24, 2010, at approximately 11:30am EST to remove the metal plate and screws that have held her sacrum and pelvis together while her broken bones have healed. Please think of Christina and pray for her or keep her in your kind thoughts as she undergoes surgery. Blessings to you, and thank you so much for your positive support during this important operation.

Kind regards,
(Christina's mom!) ♥

supportchristina2009 @ gmail.com

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yonrico's Drumhead has a bid winner!

Thanks so much to Neil from Australia who bid and won the handpainted drumhead by Yonrico Scott painted just for the Circle of Love Benefit Concert for Christina! What a joyous feeling for Christina when she learned the drumhead had a bid winner. The love and warmth shown by so many who made her benefit concert possible has been some of the best medicine in lifting Christina's spirit as she continues to move forward in healing.

Today, Christina is preparing to turn a major corner on her road to recovery. The first week of February, 2010, she will meet with her doctor to determine the surgery date to remove the metal plate and screws that currently hold her pelvis and sacrum together. Since mid-August, she has had this metal support system while her bones mend. The right side of her sacrum was crushed in the accident and Christina must undergo rigorous physical therapy to improve her condition. Please pray for Christina... that she will attain 100% movement, flexibility, and strength in her lower body.

And if you can, please help by providing donations toward her physical therapy expenses in the coming year. Although Christina was approved for Medicaid, she has been told it does not cover her physical therapy prescription. If you are a physical therapist living in Metro Orlando that can donate your services, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. This is a key area in Christina's continued healing and your support is still greatly needed.

Thank you!

Gen (Christina's mom)
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Circle of Love Handpainted Drumhead Art by Yonrico Scott | Up for Bid!!

Click this link to the Allman Brothers Band Forum post to bid on this great handpainted drumhead by Yonrico Scott, Drummer for the Derek Trucks Band, (dTb). dTb were nominated for a Grammy in 2009 and will be on the roster for Best Contemporary Blues Album at the Grammy's this month. And, what is so great about this original art piece, is it's signed by all the members of the dTb.

Please bid on this awesome artwork created especially to raise funds to support Christina!
We actually had someone bid and win the drumhead at Christina's benefit concert held in Atlanta, GA earlier this month. However, that person has not followed through on their bid and now we are reaching out trying to turn this around for Christina. If you can't bid on the drumhead, please, whatever amount you can, donate to the Circle of Love Benefit Fund at any Wachovia Bank. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christina Needs Our Help...

On August 7, 2009, Christina was involved in an accident caused by a driver who left the scene. Without the medical treatment she received by EMTs on the scene and the trauma team at ORMC, she would have lost her life. Of her injuries, the worst is a broken pelvis with multiple fractures and a crushed sacrum.

The medical costs are already rapidly adding up and will only get higher as Christina continues with up to a year-long rehabilitative physical therapy program after spending 30 days in the hospital.

Christina, a Valencia Community College student and single mom with one young son, does not have health insurance. She spent a week in the ICU/Trauma Center at ORMC, and another 3 weeks as a patient on ORMC's Orthopedic ward. At an average of $2,500 per day, she is looking at over $75,000 in these expenses alone. Additionally, she had emergency surgery to stabilize her pelvis with metal rods called an external fixator. In the hospital, she had another surgery to repair her sacrum, and has one final surgery planned to remove the external fixator. Potentially, Christina may require additional surgeries as she moves forward on her road to recovery. Immediately, she will require rehabilitative care as well as structural changes to her home.

Your help is needed. You can help Christina today by donating whatever amount you can with the donation link provided, or by sending cards, letters, and donations to: Support Christina, c/o (address removed). If you know Christina personally, of course, you can contact her directly to provide support.

Throughout this ordeal, the prayers and positive thoughts of friends, family, care providers, and strangers have sustained Christina. So, please keep them coming...

(More info coming soon.)

Thank you,

Gen, Christina's mom